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Live Property Trading Platform
Established in 2009

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How to Make Money

With OwnBrix®, you can make money in many ways.You can choose to buy property that pays you a high rent every month or you can choose to buy property that will give you great capital growth.If you prefer, you can build a property portfolio that gives you both rent and capital growth.For the traders amongst us, you can just buy and sell Brix® to make a profit.

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An Example Portfolio

An Example Portfolio


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Member Testimonials

  • This is great. I lease one of your houses, and by buying Brix I am now starting to own my own house. Awesome.
    Sandra B, USA
  • At last, somewhere where I can invest my money and have control over it.
    John MW, UAE
  • Yet again rents paid on time, these yields can't be beaten. Well done OwnBrix.
    R F, MU
  • Great website, love the concept, hope you soon have UK properties.
    Scott H, UK

About OwnBrix®

OwnBrix® was started in 2009 to give everyone the opportunity to invest in property. We have offices around the world and have a dedicated team working to get you the best returns.

We already have thousands of satisfied members and are growing every day. With OwnBrix®, you decide what property you want to own, how it is managed and when you want to sell your Brix