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Join OwnBrix® today, it takes under 60 seconds to join and best of all we are offering a free membership to the next 20,000 clients that join us.

Once you are a member you can start to build your own property portfolio or just trade Brix® for a profit. In a few minutes from now, you could be a property owner.

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Rent to Buy your own home

Rent to Buy

With OwnBrix® you can now buy your own home without any form of loan. Rent & invest in your home at the same time, taking your first steps on the property ladder.

An amazing opportunity for tenants to buy their own home, and for investors to get a high yielding, ethical investment. The perfect win-win situation.

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Join OwnBrix - Free

About OwnBrix®

OwnBrix® was started in 2009 to give everyone the opportunity to invest in property. We have offices around the world and have a dedicated team working to get you the best returns.

We already have thousands of satisfied members and are growing every day. With OwnBrix®, you decide what property you want to own, how it is managed and when you want to sell your Brix®.

Member Testimonials

  • This is great. I lease one of your houses, and by buying Brix I am now starting to own my own house. Awesome.
    Sandra B, USA
  • At last, somewhere where I can invest my money and have control over it.
    John MW, UAE
  • Yet again rents paid on time, these yields can't be beaten. Well done OwnBrix.
    R F, MU
  • Great website, love the concept, hope you soon have UK properties.
    Scott H, UK
How To Make Money With OwnBrix

How to make money

With OwnBrix®, you can make money in 4 easy ways. You can choose to buy property that pays you a high rent every month or you can choose to buy property that will give you great capital growth.

If you prefer, you can build a property portfolio that gives you both rent and capital growth. For the traders amongst us, you can just buy and sell Brix® to make a profit.

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Land Port Charlotte USA Florida Building Plot

Florida Building Plot

Port Charlotte USABrix® $14.35 Each

Welcome to the Best Place to Live in Southwest Florida

This 0.23 acre building plot offers great capital growth prospects, with very low holding costs. This land will be pu..