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OwnBrix Online Property Trading - How it Works

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Look through our investment properties, view the property history and the actual accounts for the last 12 months. Make up your own mind about what is a good investment for you. OwnBrix puts all the information at your fingertips in one place.

To start you off, look at these properties, they are both leased and income producing with Brix for sale:


Receive Your Rent Every Month

Every month you will receive an email telling you exactly how much has been paid into your account from your property investments. Not all properties on OwnBrix receive rent so make sure to look at the property details and accounts if you want to receive rental income. You can also see these figures in your client account, along with your full account history and individual reports for each of the properties you own Brix in.

The money in your OwnBrix account is yours to use in any way you want, re-invest and buy more property Brix, or have it paid directly into your bank or PayPal account.

Example Portfolio


Hassle Free Online Management

OwnBrix provides you with a completely paperless environment for you to invest in property. We supply you with information directly from the managing agents. Members are able to communicate directly with the property managers through the board rooms where you can control the day to day running of your property. If you are happy with the work that your managing agents are doing then sit back and relax. All you need to do is login to OwnBrix and see your live property portfolio details, the rental returns you have accrued, your property costs and the capital gains your property has made.

All you need to do is login to OwnBrix and see your live property portfolio details, the rental returns you have accrued and the capital gains your property has made.

Example Portfolio

OwnBrix Overview

OwnBrix splits each property on our website into pieces called Brix®. There are usually 1,000 Brix® per property, but can be more. This gives you the chance to buy a piece of a $50,000 property for just $50, or as many pieces as you like. Unlike most property websites this allows you to start investing in property with small amounts of money and spread out your investment across several properties to minimise the risk, and unlike any other property website you are free to buy and sell your Brix® whenever you want. Our market leading technology allows all this to happen securely online within minutes.

The properties on OwnBrix® are for investment purposes this means that you cannot go and spend time at the home. Most properties on OwnBrix® are currently rented and producing a rental income each month. When you buy 10% of a rented property, 10% of the rental return goes directly into your account each month.

OwnBrix.Com® Summary® was created to allow private investors the opportunity to build a varied property portfolio. Investors can purchase a share in a property, referred to as a Property Brix®. Returns can be either capital appreciation or income, in many cases it is both.

The process is very simple and offers investor's complete security at all times. OwnBrix® locates properties which it feels would represent an excellent investment for its clients. Each property is made up of a set number of Property Brix® (shares), which can not be changed.

All profits made on the property, be they capital gains or income are divided amongst the registered owners of a property in a direct proportion to the investors property equity holding. (i.e a 10% owner will receive 10% of the profit/income). Each year individual property accounts are published, these clearly show the expenses and gains associated with the property.

As the property increases in value, so do your Property Brix®. Best of all, unlike traditional property investment you can quickly release the capital you have invested by re-selling your Property Brix® on the Property Trading Platform.