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OwnBrix Property Management Boardrooms

OwnBrix Property Boardrooms give YOU direct control of the day to day decisions that have to be made in the management of YOUR property.

OwnBrix Property Boardrooms
Only OwnBrix members who have bought property Brix have access to this property management portal, and there is an exclusive and private Boardroom for each of the properties featured on the OwnBrix site.

Access is granted to each specific Boardroom based on the members current Brix ownership. Within each Boardroom there are separate areas for owners to discuss matters relating to the property, for OwnBrix to post property updates, and a section for owners to vote on important decisions.

    OwnBrix Property Boardrooms
  1. The Management Board - Where owners can discuss all elements concerning the property that they own. Each time that an owner makes a post, all the other owners are emailed informing them of the new message. In this way owners can discuss management of the property and any other issues that arise, ultimately deciding on what happens to the property.
  2. The Voting Room - From here owners vote on management decisions regarding the property. This gives full democratic day to day control of the property directly to the owners, any decision can be put to the vote, and then acted on by the property managers.
  3. Property Updates - Any important updates from OwnBrix or the property manager are posted here and instantly emailed to all the owners. These updates keep all the owners informed of any changes or events affecting their property, which can then be discussed in the Management Board.

OwnBrix Property Boardrooms
The OwnBrix Property Boardrooms give our members, and property Brix owners a unique type of property ownership and property control. You can involve yourself as much or as little as you want to in the daily running of your property portfolio, actively making every decision as it arises, or allowing the other owners to use their expertise on your behalf.

We hope you agree that this unique system will give you all the tools you need to maximise your profits with the most efficient use of your time.

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