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14306  Clinchport Circle, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Property Description

A lovely single family home offering 4 bedrooms and 2 bathroom, situated on 1,104 sq ft and residing on 6,960 sq ft plot of land. The property is located in a peaceful area of Memphis and is an ideal family home providing easy access to major routes and is within close proximity to an elementary school and local park.

Launch Details Current Details

  • March 31, 2014Launched
  • $24Issue Price
  • 1500Brix® Issued
  • 0.06667%Equity Per Brix®
  • $36,000.00Property Launch Value
  • 14306Reference No
  • 42Brix® Offered For Sale
  • $28.10Brix® Price
  • $0.70Administration Fee (2.5%)
  • $28.80Total Brix® Price
  • $42,150.00Current Property Value
  • Up 17%Value Increase

Property History

Property History

1st Dec 2016 The property has now been leased. Details of the contract and rent PCM can be found on the property page.

30th Sep 2016 The lease on the property has expired. New applicants are now actively being searched for.

3rd Aug 2015 The property has now been leased. Details of the contract and rent PCM can be found on the property page.

18th May 2015 New comparable property sales figures for the local area have been added, view them on the property page under the Valuation tab.

31st Mar 2015 Tenant applications are being received for the property.

11th Nov 2014 The current tenant has been evicted from the property. New applicants are now actively being searched for.

June 2014 The property is now refurbished and we are looking for a tenant.

July 2014 The property is now leased

Property Income¹

  • LeasedCurrent Property Status
  • 01-06-2017Lease Ends:
  • $6,500.00Gross Rental Income
  • -$650.00Agent Fee (10%)
  • -$2,026.46Total Property Running Costs²
  • $4,473.55Net Potential Income
  • 15.42%Gross Rental Yield
  • 10.61%Estimated Net Rental Yield
  • $0.25Estimated Net Income Per Brix® Per Month

¹All figures are calculated as price per annum, for the whole property, unless stated otherwise.
²Total annual running costs for the property, see panel below.

Property Running Costs³

  • $0.0263Insurance Costs
  • $0.0326Taxes
  • $0.0000Amenitites Fees
  • $0.0176OwnBrix Fee
  • $88,320Property Sum Assured
  • $0.0000Accountancy Costs
  • $0.0000Bank Charges
  • $0.0000Legal Fees

³All costs are calculated as estimated price per month, per Brix®.

Property Accounts

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